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Kiln Repairs and Services

About Us

Phillips Kiln Services Europe (PKSE) offers a full range of mechanical services for kilns, dryers, coolers, calciners, mills, grater coolers, and similar equipment. We also offer a wide range of high-quality replacement parts to our respective industries.

Why Phillips Kiln Services Europe:

Our world-class engineers and craftsmen share a unique skill-set that makes Phillips Kiln Services Europe the only logical choice in our industry. Our staff are very experienced and trained in the proper procedures, quality assurance, and safety sytems. Phillips' innovative proprietary methods of alignment, gear run-out measurement, roller shaft deflection and shape measurement, thrust monitor alignment, and shell flex measurement enable us to evaluate accurately the operating condition of rotary equipment. With these analytical procedures, Phillips provides unparalleled service to the industry.

Our shut-down repair and installation work includes:

Shell replacements, gear installations/reversals, tyre shell pads, filler bars, chair replacements, roller and tyre replacements, support base replacement, seals and seal installation, mill repairs, grate cooler repairs, new kiln or dryer installation, and related equipment.

Our preventative maintenance and diagnostic work includes:

Grinding/resurfacing of support rollers and tyres, in-production kiln alignment and mechanical analysis, cold alignment, thrust monitor alignment, and mechanical design engineering studies.

Replacement/custom parts manufacturing and sales:

Phillips can design and manufacture, to the highest quality, complete replacement rotary units, or replacement parts such as shell sections, tyres, carrying and thrust rollers, roller bases, girth and pinion gears, seals, filler bars, spray lubrication systems, and specialty lubrication products.