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Focus: New Kiln Installations

Focus: New Kiln Installation
32 Days, Start to Finish
by Jim Munson, Repair Department Manager

Work began on September 18th 2000 at Arkalite in West Memphis, AR. The installation of the new Fuller kiln makes number four in our series of complete kiln installations. It took only 32 days for our team to install the new kiln at Arkalite, working under a standard of a single shift per day. Partial crews worked on a few Sundays, but the normal work week was Monday through Saturday.

Compared to some of our previous kiln installations, this was a small unit ;11’-0” ID x 173’-6” long with two support piers. This smaller size permitted the kiln to be shipped in just two sections, requiring only one field weld, obviously a real time-saver. The entire kiln was assembled at ground level. The two sections were then joined, checked by bore site alignment and welded. Both support tires were installed as well as the girth gear. After the alignment was completed on both carrying roller bases, the rollers assembled and the bases grouted, the complete kiln was lifted into place as one assembly by two 500-ton cranes. The work was finished with the final alignment of the gear, tires, drive bases and drive assembly.

This project is an excellent example of Phillips teamwork and innovation, with everyone working toward a common goal. We applaud the entire crew who completed the job safely and well ahead of schedule.

John Danielson
Richard Eubanks
Dennis Avery
Mark Fennawald
Bruce Bosmeny
Dana Menefee
Ron Chamberlain
Richard Eubanks
Flynn Rick
David Tope
Monte Fischer
Matt Mansfield
Jeff Mandicino
Eric Young
Mike Elvin

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