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Focus: Shell replacement at Green Island Cement, Hong Kong

Focus: Shell Replacement In Hong Kong
Green Island Cement Shell Replacement A Challenge
by Jim Munson, Repair Manager

The shell replacement project at Green Island Cement weas successfully completed in early March 2000. This international project actually began in December 1998 with the order from Green Island to fabricate a replacement kiln shell section 16’ (4.9M), in diameter and almost 59’ (18M) in length, to be supplied in one piece. Serious corrosion in one area of the shell at Pier 2 necessitated the replacement.

It was to be a turnkey project, with Phillips engineering the kiln supports, replacing the shell section and tire and finishing with an alignment analysis. The new tire was a spare that Green Island had on site.

The replacement shell was fabricated in South Korea and barged to Hong Kong in late December. Project Manager, Bruce Bosmeny arrived in late January to coordinate the planning and project management with Green Island personnel. The full crew arrived after a 23-hour flight to begin removal of the existing shell and tire. The combined weight of the shell and tire approached 400,000 pounds (2000 tons) and involved three hydraulic cranes. The shell replacement continued with the installation of the new tire and shell.

The work was completed on schedule in 12 days. The speed and technical expertise with which our teams operate are both the motivation and economic justification for customers like Green Island Cement to fly Phillips’ entire crew halfway around the world. Local and other competing contractors typically do not offer the same level of technical guidance during job planning, nor the short kiln down-time work schedule.

Immediately following the shell replacement at startup, our alignment team finished the project with a hot alignment analysis of the kiln.Green Island Cement, a gracious host, provided lodging for our crew at the Gold Coast Hotel Resort and Conference center in Hong Kong, a five-star resort hotel. When the job was complete, several of the crew took a tour to Beijing, the Great Wall and other famous sites on mainland China. It was a unique opportunity for Phillips employees, who are used to travelling but not always to such far off destinations.

The Phillips personnel involved with the shell replacement were:     
Bruce Bosmeny, Rick Tope, Dan Monahan, Darrell Hadley, Kevin Parks, Dennis Hansen, Bob Irby, Eric Young, Dave Carroll, William Moos, Dudley Curry, David Flynn.

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