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Focus: Unique Shell Replacement in Mexico

Unique Grinding Machine Developed for Customer

Follow-up on Acapulco MX Grinding Job
by Jeff Bertness, Grinding Manager

I am pleased to report that the inauguration of Phillips Kiln’s newly designed roller-mill grinding machine went well. The machine design allowed set ups which proved to be easier than anticipated. After working out a few bugs, the set up took about 2 hours.

Upon initial inspection of the mill, I found the rollers to be worn concave approximately 19mm, with surface cracks propagating another 7-10mm deep from the low spots. After grinding through the 30mm weld cap, severe pitting was found in the parent metal. In addition to the pitting, it became evident that previous machining was not performed parallel to the shaft, leaving different metals across the face after the 30mm removal. As a result, total material removal on both rollers was approximately 40mm from the radius.

Our customer was pleased with the performance of the machine along with the training of their personnel. Future machining of the rollers should require about 3-4 days per roller vs. the 14-15 days required using their previous method. I will be working with our stone supplier to develop a more durable stone, which will still be able to cut the 700 B.H.N. hardened layer yet will have a significant increase in cutting life.

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