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Horizon Lubricants Alliance

Phillips Kiln Services Ltd. and Horizon Lubricants Announce Strategic Alliance

Phillips Kiln Services has formed a strategic business alliance with Horizon Lubricants, a division of Whitmore Group. The Whitmore Group is a 108-year old domestic lubricant manufacturer who developed OPG-4 for Phillips as a proprietary gear lubricant.

For more than 10 years, Phillips has made this exclusive lubricant, OPG-4, available to its customers. Now our field reps are backed by the Horizon engineering team and can provide even greater expertise in the areas of:

  • Lubricant selection
  • Application procedures
  • Problem solving
  • Filtration
  • Related maintenance concerns
  • Analysis procedures

Phillips can now provide more valuable information to increase your production time and reduce your maintenance expenses.

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