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New Grinding Machine Features - a new design should help Mexican customer.

New design grinding machine has unique features;

A newly designed grinding machine was built for our customer in Acapulco, Mexico. The R&D and manufacture of the machine was a collaborative effort between Phillips’ management, maintenance and drafting personnel and was developed specifically for grinding rollers on the two opposing-roller crushing mills at the Acapulco plant.

Rollers on these mills have a surface that is approximately 1ž2" thick hardened to 700 B.H.N. that must be removed after significant wear has occurred, approximately every 6 to 8 months. The rollers are then refurbished by weld build-up.

The customer had been using an in-situ method of material removal which required approximately 1 month of machining time per crusher. An alternate solution was the complete dis-assembly of the mill, and installation of new rollers. Both of these processes are labor intensive and quite time-consuming.The new grinding machine designed by Phillips should do the job in 25% or less of the current machining time. This new technology will dramatically reduce the length of scheduled outages resulting in a more competitive, efficient operation.

We look forward to writing a follow up article with the results of an expected successful trip.

Phillips in-situ grinding method has been used since 1969. A variety of improvements have been made to the original design over the last 30 years, and rollers of all sizes are regularly refurbished while the rotary unit is still in production.

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