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Phillips Installs New Cement Kiln - Florida cement plant provides challenge.

Phillips Installs New Cement Kiln
At Thompson S.Baker Cement Plant, Newberry, FL.

The cement industry is enjoying record demand for their product. The sustained level of business over the last few years has pulled the industry into a flurry of capital investment and new cement installations are popping up all over the country. This is quite a change from the many years when virtually no new plants were built.

Phillips is a seasoned kiln repair contractor, thoroughly experienced in the installation of shell sections, gears, bases and every other type of mechanical improvement and upgrades. It was a natural step therefore for Phillips to be awarded the installation contract for the new Krupp Polysius kiln at the Florida Rock plant in Newberry FL. Phillips has installed new kilns before but usually as a replacement for equipment in an existing plant. In this instance, a cement kiln installation for a green field plant, is a first for us. In the last ten years there simply have not been such opportunities.Assembled shell sections ready to be lifted on to the piers.

The kiln arrived at the site in six sections. These were assembled into two pieces on the ground and then lifted onto the pier tops requiring only one joint to be completed in the air. The scope of work included the assembly and installation of all the kiln's mechanical components from the anchor bolts of the drive and support roller bases up to and including the shell. Erection started January 4, 1999 and all the work was completed and accepted by the owner Florida Rock and the technical consultant, Krupp Polysius, in 48 days.

A film crew was on hand for the duration of the project, filming the highlights of the various steps of kiln erection, and Phillips’ capabilities in executing this type of work. The 15-minute educational and promotional video will be available soon.

Phillips Engineers focus on project.

Support pier under construction.

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