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Phillips Opens Belleville, IL Office

Phillips Opens New Shop In Belleville, IL

Phillips Kiln Services Ltd. is proud to announce the addition of the Mississippi Valley Office and Shop. Located in Belleville, IL the facility has approximately 1100 square feet of office space and 4100 square feet of shop space. This facility will be managed by Tom Braxmeier, Department Manager, and Richard Eubanks, Project Manager. Tom and Richard bring many years of experience in construction and maintenance in the cement and mining industries to Phillips, and we will benefit from their leadership. In addition, Brad Parker has been hired as a Supervisor, and ten full-time mechanic welders have been hired. All these men have experience in construction and maintenance.

The plan is to add another eight to ten mechanic welders at this location in the near future. The addition of the Mississippi Valley Division will allow us to increase our capacity in rotary equipment repairs and plant maintenance. Phillips has purchased two sets of repair equipment for the location; welding machines, hydraulic rams and pumps, track torches, etc.,. Five additional vehicles have also been purchased. This will enable Phillips to accept more work and expand our capabilities.

Since opening the new facility the Belleville crews have assisted in nineteen previously scheduled jobs. Six of these jobs were bid and completed directly from the new facility. At Continental Cement they installed new stop blocks and repaired cracks in the kiln shell. They also installed a new mill liner for Magotteaux. At River Cement, crews repaired a grate cooler, installed nose castings, installed a seal wear plate, and repaired a water spray system on the kiln. Also at River Cement the kiln was repositioned and a new retaining ring was installed, and the existing dust collector was converted to a pulsating dust collector. These jobs are examples of the diverse capabilities and versatility of Phillips’ crews.

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