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Shell sections to Essroc, Picton, Ontario

PKS Completes Complicated Transport of New Shell Sections

On March 22, 2000 Phillips finally completed the fabrication and transport of the replacement shell sections for Essroc in Picton, Ontario. The transport by barge and trailer of the two shell sections, one 17' diameter x 46' long shell section, and the other a 55' long shell section, involved 24 companies and 159 personnel. The logistics were complicated and could only be accomplished with meticulous planning and cooperation. The companies involved were:

* Phillips Kiln Services Ltd.
* CN Rail
* Permitting Co.
* Canpress Metal Fabricators
* Essroc
* Oshawa Public Utilities
* Utility International
* J&F Trucking
* Port of Oshawa
* Oshawa Hydro
* Coopers Crane
* Rogers Cable
* Pickering Hydro
* McKeil Marine
* Shaw Cable
* Veridian Connections
* Whitby Hydro
* Bell Canada
* D.E. Fish Insurance
* Hamilton Secures Co.
* Oshawa Stevedores
* N.A. Marine Insurance
* Durham Regional Utilities
* Durham Regional Police

The transport schedule consisted of:
3/17/00 assembled trailers.
3/18/00 loaded trailers.
3/20/00 transport to Oshawa port.
3/21/00 load barge in Oshawa.
3/22/00 barge arrival in Picton, Ontario, off-loading of barge back onto trailers and moved to laydown area. Final off-loading at Essroc.

Phillips also managed to make front-page headlines as traffic came to a stop while the shell sections were being transported through Oshawa, Ontario.

Maneuvering through the streets of Oshawa, Canada

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