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Support For Rolling Environments - Phillips ramps up roller production.

Phillips’ Support Rollers Support for Rolling Environments

Support rollers of all sizes have come through the doors of the Phillips Kiln machine shop in the last 30 years. They arrive damaged, pitted, spalled or deeply patterned. Some rollers have damaged bearings or broken shafts. They come in all sizes, from 12” diameter dryer rollers to large 70” diameter kiln rollers. Each roller comes to be repaired.

REPAIR BY SLEEVING: Rollers with only minor wear can usually be resurfaced at the plant using Phillips in-situ grinding method. But, this is not an appropriate solution for severely damaged components. Some rollers can be rebuilt by sleeving.

Phillips machines high quality forgings to make their roller sleeves. Each sleeve is machined inside and out then shrink-fitted onto the prepared roller in a process that is guaranteed not to loosen. Cast-type rollers as well as internal bearing rollers can be repaired using the sleeving process. Some rollers are then heat-treated or hardened for proper compatibility with the riding ring. Thrust rollers can also be sleeved in Phillips’ machine shop.

NEW ROLLERS: When it is not possible or economically feasible to repair a roller, Phillips engineers will determine what type of roller is required as a replacement. New rollers are also made from the highest quality solid forgings and are machined to the exact specifications required by the customer. The shafts are shrink-fitted, giving three times as much strength as a comparable press fit.

Phillips has been perfecting its roller manufacturing for 30 years. Servicing a wide variety of industries has given us a thorough understanding of what is needed in a specific environment; lime, cement, paper pulp, fertilizer, asphalt or chemical. Rollers that leave the Phillips’ machine shop have been engineered and produced to exact customer specifications. Rollers are not just a sideline at Phillips Kiln. They are a major part of our business and the shop is almost 100% dedicated, sometimes running two shifts per day, to roller production and refurbishment.

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