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Unusual Seal Applications in UK

Developed by Phillips Kiln Services (Europe) Ltd.

Phillips Kiln Services (Europe) Ltd. designed, supplied and installed three kiln seals for a specialist chemical plant in the UK. It satisfied some unique customer requirements.

The first two seals were developed for use on an externally heated dryer. The client was experiencing regular problems with burner startup, due to pressure loss from the connection between static jacket and the rotating shell. All previously installed seals suffered wear during operational campaigns, to the point that they had to be renewed at every shutdown. Phillips Kiln Services (Europe) Ltd. was contacted to provide and install a seal that would give long-term sealing efficiency, thus avoiding the neccessity for constant replacements.

Phillips Kiln Services (Europe) Ltd. adapted the basic Enviro Seal design, and installed two spring segment type seals, one at each end of the jacket. Following the installation of the new seals the client has had no further problems with burner start-up, and is extremely happy and satisfied with the new arrangement.

The second application, for the same client but on a different vessel, was for noise reduction purposes. The vessel, situated inside a high-tech facility building, had a previous seal arrangement trhat created so much air noise that the area had to be designated as an "ear protection zone". Following the fitment of a Phillips-type spring segment seal, noise levels were dramatically reduced and the hearing protection requirements were lifted!

Peter Cope, Phillips Kiln Services (Europe) Ltd.

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