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Rotary Drum Roller Alignment


Thrust Monitor Installation (Rotary Drum Roller Alignment) – Eliminate the single largest cause of tyre and roller wear problems for rotary drums. Phillips has made rotary drum roller alignment foolproof. Roller alignment is accomplished by measuring the thrust forces. Once aligned and continuously monitored for thrust loads, bearings will see full service life and roller and tire surface wear caused from misalignment will be reduced to an absolute minimum.

This is the recently developed technology (patents pending) of measuring thrust force on a roller, which provides a way of achieving superior alignment without the use of any of the standard methods of position measurement. Based on force measurement the method has inherent feed back, which verifies for the practitioner the exact point of zero skew. This is the critical step and starting point for any alignment. This method, because it is so precise, allows rotary units to run without the environmentally threatening application of oil or grease on the tires and rollers eliminating the housekeeping problem that creates.

With a permanent installation of the Thrust Monitor system, the effects of production changes can easily be seen and if needed, addressed. The system then also becomes an early warning system for insipient alignment and bearing problems. As a preventive maintenance tool, the Thrust Monitor System applied to slow moving bearings is a natural extension of bearing vibration analysis for the more conventional high-speed bearings.

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