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Enviro Seal

"The Phillips Enviro Seal saved my company a minimum of $125,000 during the first year.... decreasing our fuel cost per ton of product and allowing us to meet all EPA requirements at the same time." - Plant Engineer, Western U.S. [CASE STUDY]

Installing the Enviro Seal can be one of the most cost effective modifications made to your kiln or dryer. The Enviro Seal is a very effective seal with a simple mechanical design. Wearing parts such as shoes, cables, rollers, counterweights, graphite blocks and holder springs are not part of the Enviro Seal design. The only maintenance the Enviro Seal requires is the occasional replacement of worn out seal leaves. This provides a more effective product with lower operating and maintenance costs.

"The Enviro Seal eliminated our fine spillage and emissions problems" - Plant engineer, Southern U.S.

Stainless steel spring leaves and heavy plate (3/8" to 1/2") are used in construction of the Enviro Seal. These materials resist damage from the high temperature environment of kiln operation. The inverted leaf design also addresses the three major causes of seal failure: run-out, expansion and abrasion. This design helps prevent trapping of the dust. Any dust accumulation falls into a hopper and can be reintroduced into the product flow in a continuous process. Other seal designs allow the dust to pack into the seal and bend the leaves.

"Lower shell temperatures and controlled airflow increased the life of my nose castings and resulted in more reliable production. Thanks, Phillips!" - Assistant Plant Manager, Northwestern U.S.

The Enviro Seal bolt-on riding band is designed to minimize run-out of the kiln shell sealing surface, resulting in less flexing of the seal leaves and longer life of the leaves. When Phillips Kiln Services Europe Ltd. technicians properly install the Enviro Seal, a seal riding band run-out of 0.125" is allowed on kilns and dryers. A 3" clearance is given between the leaf support band and the riding band. If shell damage occurs, this clearance allows for increased shell run-out. This allowance will usually tolerate operation with the damaged shell until the next scheduled shutdown, when the removable riding band can be readjusted to a run-out of 0.125". The Enviro Seal can be installed on a shell with up to a 10" run-out, although Phillips Kiln Services Europe Ltd does not recommend operating with a run-out of this proportion.

The Enviro Seal's stainless steel spring leaves are placed in an overlapping pattern. This design keeps dust in and ambient air out. The leaves are interchangeable to fit both kilns and dryers. No matter what size the seal, all leaves are the same size. This standardization substantially reduces the cost of replacement leaves.The Enviro Seal has been designed with a removable leaf support head in the event a new product is to be processed or burned requiring a different seal arrangement. Unlike other seals on the market, the leaf support head can be removed and replaced with another head to suit your needs, without redesigning the entire seal and hood arrangement.