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Gear Servicing


We can service and supply new gears and pinions of all descriptions: spring mounted gears, either chair or tangential plate, or flange and lug mounted styles.

Phillips can take run-out measurements both axially and radially, often while the equipment remains in normal operation, using non-contact sensors that do not require any significant cleaning of the gear.  When replacing a flange mounted gear, knowing the prevailing run-outs months before your shut down is the only way the scope of work can be correctly defined.  Contact us about further details.

Gears have a finite service life.  When an evaluation is needed we will provide analytical data to detail all the available options.  We can provide replacements and installation at competitive prices.

We can also provide engineering services, not only in the context of suitable replacements, but in designing a new drive or, for example, changing drives from a sprocket and chain to a gear and pinion system.

When it comes to rotary kiln or dryer applications, we are a one-stop shop for mechanical design, mechanical design review, parts supply and installation.