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Rotary Kiln & Rotary Vessel Alignment Services

Phillips Kiln Services Europe has perfected the alignment process for rotary kilns and 2-pier rotary vessels. Our rotary kiln and rotary vessel alignment methods use patented procedures to produce the most accurate analysis available. Alignment means positioning the support rollers so that flexing and distortion of the kiln or dryer shell is minimized and that the supports share the load proportionately.

Alignment of the shell between support piers, girth gear to pinion, and tyres to support the rollers is essential for all rotary units.

Flexing and distortion of the kiln shell vastly increase mechanical wear and can severely reduce shell and refractory brick life. Poor load-sharing leads to roller and bearing problems. Fortunately our field service crews can solve these issues accurately and quickly to eliminate ongoing damage, prolonging the life of your equipment, and reducing costly downtime.


Hot Kiln Alignment

PKSE’s innovative approach to alignment (known as 'Hot Kiln Alignment' or ‘Direct Method’) utilises computerised non-contact laser measurements directly to the shell during normal operation.  By not measuring to worn roller and tyre surfaces, as with other methods, our hot kiln alignment measurements produce consistently SAFE, ACCURATE, and REPEATABLE results.

Thrust Monitor Alignment Service for 2-pier Rotary Vessels

Trunnion bearing life a problem? Tyre face wear a problem? Clean up the mess and get rid of the OIL!

Phillips has engineered a revolutionary Electronic Thrust Alignment Monitoring system. No lasers. No surveying.

Our exclusive Thrust Monitor technology is ideal for all 2-pier rotary equipment using antifriction bearings such as Dryers, Kilns, Calciners, Coolers, Breakers, Screens, Crushers, Incinerators, Granulators, and other rotary equipment.

The alignment system provides real-time axial force data and precise identification of each roller’s neutral position and allows for precise shimming to correct mismatched tyre or roller slopes.

PKSE offers the Thrust Monitor Alignment system as an in-situ service carried out by PKSE engineers or it can be purchased as a permanent installation, enabling customers to monitor support roller thrust loading in real-time from your plant’s control room.

Further information regarding Thrust Monitor Alignment can be found here.