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Shell Fixed


Ovality, or "Shell Flex", is defined as the change in curvature or flexing of a kiln shell that occurs through a revolution. Since most kilns are lined with refractory, a high ovality or excessive flexing of the shell during each rotation will have a very detrimental effect on the refractory.

Phillips' ovality analysis is the only one on the market to use an electronic ovality beam. Other ovality methods use conventional mechanical beams, which have comparatively poor data resolution.

Identifying high ovality will help explain mechanical refractory failure and will help to give a more complete picture of the alignment characteristics of the kiln.

The data from the ovality beam is produced digitally, which permits graphing the results as standard x/y-axis plots. Consequently, the ovality characteristics are shown in far greater detail than has ever been possible before, thereby minimizing costly damage and downtime.