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Preventive Mechanical Maintenance of Rotary Kilns & Vessels Training Seminars

PKSE offers mechanical maintenance training seminars for maintenance staff to gain new knowledge and skills that will have a positive impact on working practices and long-term plant performance.

2018 Training Seminars:

Turkey - September (date to be announced)

UK - 16th - 18th October

South Africa - 11th - 15th November

We also organise in-house training seminars, designed specifically to meet the training needs of your organisation.

In-house seminars are held at your choice of location and can be arranged for any number of participants.

To find out more or register your interest in UK based seminars please visit our dedicated website:

To register your interest in any of PKSE’s seminars, in or outside the UK,
or to find out more about in-house seminars
please send an email to:

During the last three years PKSE training seminars have been regularly held in the UK, Russia, South Africa, The Netherlands and Turkey.

More than 1,800 maintenance personnel from over 300 different companies have attended these workshops over the past 12 years. The workshops are designed to cover most areas of preventive maintenance practices, as well as alignment methods, shell ovality or flexing, and roller adjustment and skew.

The workshops are separated into two types, although they are similar for about 75% of their content. Kiln Workshops cover the additional topics of Troubleshooting Refractory and Shell Ovality. The Dryer Workshop (a dryer is our generic term for any two-pier, non refractory-lined drum which can be a tumbler, cooler, granulator, etc) has a different alignment presentation. Since most two-pier units have rollers fitted with spherical roller bearings, a presentation is made specifically on this topic.

Both workshops comprise approximately 20 hours of material, presented in a series of topics as listed below, over a 3 day period.

ROTARY KILN - multi-pier, refractory

  • Shell Inspection
  • Tyres and Tyre Elements
  • Troubleshooting Rollers and Bases
  • Troubleshooting Seals
  • Gears
  • Ovality Analysis
  • Hot Kiln Alignment - Direct Method
  • Roller Adjustment and Skew
  • Tyre and Roller Reconditioning
  • Refractory
  • Lubrication

ROTARY VESSELS - two-pier, non-refractory (drums, dryers, tumblers, coolers, granulators, calciners etc.)

  • Shell Inspection
  • Tyre and Tyre Elements
  • Troubleshooting Rollers and Bases
  • Troubleshooting Seals
  • Drive Trains
  • Bearings
  • 2-Pier Alignment
  • Roller Adjustment and Skew
  • Tyre and Roller Reconditioning
  • Lubrication