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Axial and Radial Run-Out

Is the maximum allowable axial & radial run-out for girth gears the thesame ?

The graphs are in imperial measure and can be converted to metric. The pitch diameter is given in feet. As a rule of thumb the allowable axial runout is 0.001"/ft of pitch diameter. Radial run out has a 50% higher allowable tolerance of 0.0015"/ft of pitch diameter. The highest curve on each graph reflects the added tolerance allowed for kilns due to thermal bending of the shell usually exhibited in those kilns that have variable shell temperature profiles. Transient shell bending near the gear will cause transient gear runout. When this causes occasional vibration for part of the shell rotation the usual remedy is to separate the mesh somewhat by adjusting the pinion side rollers in closer to the kiln. This has its limits of course.

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